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Blue Bottle Gin 47%ABV

The epitome of artisan gins. Traditional juniper combines with the tropical scent of local gorse flowers and the warm spicy notes of cubeb pepper to create a complex yet refreshing delight.

Blue Bottle Pink Gin 47%ABV

Our pink gin has pink grapefruit at its core. Layered with fresh orange and lemon peel, the citrus hit enhances the essential juniper to make a modern fruity delight.

Blue Bottle Navy Gin 57%ABV

Naval gin rations required a minimum 57% ABV to ensure the gin would ignite gunpowder. Our gin combines a concentrated blend of alcohol and spices to create a smooth cocktail ingredient with a serious bang.

Blue Mantis Vodka 47%ABV

Crafted from 100% malted barley gives our vodka a distinct softness and mouthfeel. Triple distilled and quadruple filtered, it can be served straight from the freezer or over ice with your favourite mixer.

Gold Bug Rum 47%ABV

Exotic spices, including coriander and cardamom, harmoniously blended with the finest aged Caribbean rum in our hand-built copper still. Enjoy its delicious taste straight, on ice, or mixed with your favorite beverage.

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